Friday, February 13, 2009

Enter, Jen Childers

I, like most authors, suffer a mild form of insanity. We love the craft of writing and we love stories. We are the kids who, when the babysitter read us a bedtime story,
had to delve deeper than the words allowed.

"What was in the porridge?"
"Where did puss get his boots?"
"How many prince charmings are there?"
It's a logical question,either there is more than one, or Prince charming really gets around!

This is not a writer's only quirk. We tell stories to stories and we try to improve what we read and build on things we hear. I was a bit embarrassed when we studied revelation and I mentioned I didn't like the ending.

I've been writing from the time I was in first grade. My first story was about two mermaid friends who got caught in a fishing net. The sawfish rescued them.
Imagination is something quelled by many adults and its too bad. I tease about insanity as, despite assumption, writers aren't rich. most will tell you they can make more
money at walmart.

We write for the art of it, the fun of creating a story and because we have something to say. even if its as simple as happily ever after (with some good sex tossed in. hey, it's no fairy tale, Prince Charming better deliver).

Stories have to be told, its who we are. throughout history, stories have been a commentary on history, culture and values of a society. My interests are multi-faceted, so I write a few different genres. History being my first love. A happy ending a must.

Romance writers have a dedication to the happy ending, honor, valor, and love working in
oppostion to the negative forces trying to destroy them. It says something about us. Ok, so
does the good sex, but where is it written you have to think of England?
Was the sexual revolution for nothing?

Compatibility in all areas is a value we have. Pick a hero and your favorite fantasy. An idea is the first step to making fantasy a reality.

Jennifer ChildersKindertransportreleased 8-7-09
Wild Rose Press


joviangeldeb said...

I agree whole heartedly with your article. I write because I love to and I feel I was born to pen stories. However, i didn't find my inner muse until later in life. Once I found it, the magic took over. and my stories tend to write themselves. :)

Jen Childers said...

That is so awesome when you can just sit and the ideas flow from your hand!
then come the layering and edits and ack! it will all get easier with experience.
sometimes its a needed break from the everyday, to escape into a world of our own design...
take care,