Monday, April 27, 2009

Lt. Nyota Uhura

In 1966 a new show came on the air called Star trek.
A western set in space, the show gave free thinkers food for thought, in fact, after 79 seasons it was cancelled for being "too cerebral"

As a kindergartener watching this show with my older brothers, it didnt occur tome that white people working with other races, let alone Vulcans, should be unusual in any way. I loved Uhura.
It was a dark secret I had to keep to myself, as an upper middle class child, growing up in the 70's there were some things not accepted.

In the 70;s if there was a black woman on the screen she was a nanny, whore or maid.

Enter Nichelle Nichols.

The bridge of the Enterprise was graced with a woman who was elegant, refined and highly intelligent. every inch a lady, Uhura shattered the stereotype not only for black women but women everywhere. She did not get coffee, no one referred to her as "the little lady" and she held her own without benefit of a husband.

Her skirt got shorter with the part and Nichelle thought about quitting. She tells about being in her dressing room when Martin Luther King popped in to say hello.
He told her don't quit, no matter how small the part becomes, she is a role model to black girls on a show optimistic about the future. thankfully, she didnt quit, but Dr. King was only half right.

Lt. Uhura was not just an inspiration to black the little girl ostracized for facial paralysis, Uhura gave me an example of dignity I tried to emulate as I walked down the halls at school. Lifting my head high I wouldn't let anyone see me cry. I read and learned to ignore ugly things I heard. (ok I did backslide and get suspended for fighting once. must have been my inner Kirk)

I look forward to the prequel "Trek XI" comes out next month. In the thirty second trailer you have Uhura stripping off her shirt.
Annoyance began creeping up my spine.

There is rumor she is going to have an affair with Kirk.
I gave an exasperated sigh.
As the release date nears, I am ready for battle. I want to love the movie, but more than that, I want Uhura treated with the class and dignity she has personified for 40 years.
she is nobody's slut and I don't think she needs to shake her money maker for ratings. (Isn't that what the Andorians were for?)

I will become very angry if they sully this refined character and make her ship's trollop. I will resort to coarse language when I rip into my communications board and blast Paramount out of the water.

I hope I am over reacting to a thirty second trailer and the creators of this movie will respect Rodenberry's vision. it is a vision wrapped snugly in my psyche. Peace, cooperation, and unity made possible through acceptance of others and acceptance of self.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Winner announced!

The winner of Saje's 'What Would You do?" myspace contest is...Christine.

Congratulations, Christine.

Thank you to all the participated in my contest. Your entries were very entertaining and made the contest fun.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


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