Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome to my little slice of the world. My name is Debbie and I love to write. But first, I am a recent breast cancer survivor. Cancer has changed me in ways that I could never have imagined. I am a stronger person and I take notice of the little blessings in life. Things I'd taken little note of before. Like the beauty of the sky. A butterfly. Not that I didn't notice them before, its just that I see the beauty in their creation. and I thank God for every new day he gives me. You can't help but alter your existance after you've had a surgeon inform you that if you do not have your breast removed and undergo chemo, you would only survive another year or two.
That happened to me and it now seems surreal in a weird kind of way. Do you know what was the first thing that popped into my mind after he told me that? I recall thinking, I can't die yet. I've got too many stories in my head that I haven't put down on paper yet. Yes, that was my first thought.
One of the benefits of my diagnosis is that it brought me closer to my family. You suddenly realize what's important in life. And cancer is a big aspect of my existance. One of my sisters is also suffering with this disease. Breast cancer affects the entire family. Right before I joined blogspot, I was sitting at my kitchen table tonight, filling out forms to have the cancer gene test. I'm doing this for my family's knowledge to help with their treatment to lessen their risk. Then tomorrow I go for a bone scan to make sure some minor pain I'm having is not metastized cancer. So, the fight doesn't end, but you have to keep that positive attitude. I must stay strong. I've got too many fairies and other character's wanting to be released from my mind. :)
Now on to the business of writing:
I've recently made my first sale to Wild Rose Press. Saje will be coming soon to their Scarlet Line. I'm so pumped and excited about this. I'll post updates often. :)
Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

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