Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Halloween.

Now that's what I call a Jack-o-lantern. :) Hmmm. Yum.

I love Halloween. I don't know if its the fall colors, or the pumpkins, or what. I just love October. Always have. It's one of my favorite times of the year.

This time last year I was recovering from my mastectomy and my mother was staying with me, helping me to recover. I remember feeling rather crappy but wanting to see the Ghost Hunter's special on the Sci-Fi channel. I didn't make it through the 6 hour special. My mom kept telling me, "This is the most boring show I've ever seen. Nothing ever happens in it."

Of course I denied it. I happen to love the show but most of the time I do not watch it because I'm too busy. When I do, it spooks me. The kind of scared that leaves your imagination on hyper-drive. (was that a moving shadow I saw out of the corner of my eye?) That sort of thing. I love that feeling on Halloween night. It's so spooky. Unfortunately, we live in a rural area and have no trick-or-treaters. Also, are children are all grown and out of the house so we rely on some scary shows to entertain us on Halloween.

What's some of your favorite movies and tv shows to watch on all Hallow's Eve?

Leave a post and let me know. :)

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Catherine Bybee said...

First.. Yummy. I've seen this pic before but it sooo worth seeing again. My all time favorite is Charlie Brown. What was it called again? Great Pumpkin or some such thing... Anyway thats my favorite. We don't have trick or treaters here either but my kids are still of costume age and we have a lot of fun with the holiday.

I'm happy to hear that this holiday season is better for you than last.